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To consolidate my life, I have collected information about my musical projects in this space.

There might also occur some blogging.

My deepest gratitude to all the artists I have had the pleasure to collaborate with through the years. Lucky girl I am.

Special love to my wonderful friends and collaborators: 

Greg Anderson & Stephen O’Malley who together are SunnO))), James Plotkin, Stephen Kasner, Jamie Sykes, Guy Pinhas, Joe Preston, Rex Ritter, Anders Bakke and Even Helte Hermansen.

And not least to the labels who have released my music:

Greg Anderson of Southern Lord Recordings, Keith Utech of Utech Records Mark and Aaron of HydraHead Industries and Tracy Wilson of Little Black Cloud Records.

Thanks go out to you who have taken the time to listen to my music.

xoxo Runhild

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June 2011

Amplicon has been re-released on vinyl! First pressing of 100 limited LPs available from Little Black Cloud Records now. Also found in iTunes.

New interview in Decibelmagazine.

Review and streaming at Invisibleoranges